KAMRAR – On this Labor Day Weekend at Poplar Grove Speedway held the September Showdown. Two day money races, great place to be this weekend, the weather was absolutely beautiful.

Track owners Tim and Holly Mortenson decided to try something a little different this year – big show down – with racers from all over Iowa, Missouri, and South Dakota. And the racers came for back-to-back racing action.

Both days had great money payouts  for  both days from the following sponsors:

  • TSR Racing
  • Fudge Racing
  • Arpy’s Construction
  • Arpy’s Roofing
  • Vogel Racing
  • Carden Racing
  • Sandavol Racing
  • Mac Tools
  • Earl Racing
  • Erickson Auto
  • Little Moments Photography

Fourteen different divisions showed up to join in creating the big showdown. Here’s a recap of the features:

Senior Clone

Feature time … green flag went flying.. the big race was under way… Round turn one and two they went three wide Trent murphy , Doug Vogel, and Zach  Johnson rounded top three chasing each other down the front straight away … Here comes Christian Ohm from dead last clear up to second place.. Ohm’s   found his line around the track last night on two laps to go he was car length behind the leader… Coming to the checkerd flag was a battle for the top three of Trent Murphy , Christian Ohm to Doug Vogel…. Was very good race.

Jr 2 Clone

Feature went under way with Kayli Olm sister of Christian Ohm .. Kayli was the lone ranger on the track tonight… Running toward the inside of turn 1 and 2 . Kayli Olm found her self racing by her self like a practice run… she was turning the laps fast and landing her self into victory lane.

Jr 1 Clone

Feature time for the Jr 1 clones began underway with wave of green flag from flagman Dave Bergson…. running down the straight away from turn four our top three McKenna Koch , Acea Mortenson, and Kayden Birkholz found them selves battling it out … Round turn two down the back strech they went Mckenna found her self dancing her way to victory lane.

Cadet Wing

Green flag went flying. Ryder Murphy, Walker Overturf rounded three and four taking off from the pack as the flag droped…. two kart lengths behind the leader was Kamden Gasper in that third place… This group of youngins come round turn two and three fast leaving Cole Earles, and Eliza Sandoval battling for the back spots.. Coming to the checkered Ryder Murphy taking home that number one spot at Poplar Grove Speedway September Showdown.

Restricted Box

Feature time for Rbox class. Out in front of the pack as the flag went green heavy on the gas is Walker Overturf  close on his tale was Jaxson Reeves   Following suit and two kart lengths behing here come Ryder Murphy … Checkered flag is waving  for a big win going to Walker Overturf  Saturday evening.

Intermidiate Wing

As features for this class got started under the green flag flying Gage Stevens was quick to the gas pedel … Hot  footed behind him  two kart legths was Janelle Saffell..Your top two leaders put on a show quite the battle down the back straight away for Stevens to pick up the victory win.

Builders Prepared

Green flag fly for Bp class  Saturday night …. Kinzley Sly ,Brogan Carder and Chloe Woodard battle around the track Saturday under the lights at Poplar Grove speedway. Kinzley Sly  rounding the track with Carder close behind her round turn one and two.. Coming to the checkered flag for victory win Sly made her way …. Carder came in close second behind her.

Kid Kart

Kid kart was up next starting in first Was Rhett Spoelstra in second was Jaxton Grant in starting in third was Jayda Roney and in Fourth was Karson Robinson the green flag came out and the race was underway as the race progressed there was a change in the leader Jayda Roney took the lead the Checkered flag waved and the winner was Jayda Roney in second place was Jaxton Grant Finishing in third was Rhett Spoelstra and finishing in fourth was Karson Robinson.

Adult Wing

Feature time wasn’t the greatest for this class But Cayden Arpy took home the checkered flag right after the first lap due to kart  trouble. Matt Saffell was unable to race.. Due to Kart trouble as well.

Putt Putt A

Feature time underway as Rhett Mortenson, Ace Wolfgram, and Hudson Webb round turn four heading for the front straight away .. Mortenson , pulling away going into turn one and two… Ace Wolfgram close behind… rounding the back of the pack are Lane Lloyd and Nash Peterson… round turn three and four heading toward the front streach to take the checkered flag is Rhett Mortenson!!!

Putt Putt B

Second class of Putt putts is the B class our younger set of kids not as experience as the first set… Coming around turn three and four Braxton Perkins, Carsyn Keane and Hailey Snyder round top three.. Close behind is Jackson Thompson. the top leaders after 4 laps coming into turn 1 and 2 lots of passing each back and fourth .. Coming  to the checkered flag to win the big  race was Braxton Perkins!


Feature time Carter Laugen vrs Bradlee Laugen . Green flags drops we have both Laugens neck to neck down the straight away.. Bradlee round turn 1 and 2 trailing after his brother in a wonderful show of sportsman ship and good clean racing. these two brothers r trying to beat each other every week. Carter ends up taking home the Feature win.

Central Iowa Preditors

Feature for this class. As the flag drops Andrew Buntz, Sheldon Roney, DJ Robinson, jacob hastings, Cassie Strayer, Kale Creek, Wade Toombs ,Joshua Parcel and Spencer Nelson Dylan Nelson all come flying around turn 3 and 4.. Mad dash as Andrew Buntz and Sheldon Roney pull away from the pack.. Multiple restarts went along with this class. Came down to a Green white checkered flagg for the Central Iowa Preditors… Taken home the trophy and that number one spot and bragging rights went to Andrew Buntz.

500 Wing Out Law

Feature time came for the 500 to finish up the night.. Tom Wallace raced solo tonight taking turns with James Wallace.. These 500 put quite the show on tonight as they show us how much faster they can get around the track and smooth racing all the way around .. Both Wallaces finished together as they shared the same Kart.

Click HERE for full results from MyRacePass.com.

Big thank-you to Askland Photography for also coming to cover Saturday night for other race photographer.

(Photo by Askland Photography [click HERE for more])

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