CHELSEA – Fans of dirt track racing in Iowa already knew how good Dallon and Damon Murty are in their respective IMCA stock cars, but now the rest of the world knows, too.

After their amazing 1-2 finish at the Karl Kustoms Bristol Dirt Nationals, The Game Changer and The Chelsea Charger took some time to talk about their respective race programs – and what the future might hold. But first, a little background.

Damon Murty began racing in an IMCA hobby stock on Friday nights at Marshalltown Speedway when he was 16 years old:

“I got started with racing by watching my second cousin Darrell DeFrance and my uncle David Murty racing weekly. I knew right away, that was what I wanted to do.”

He quickly picked up a reputation for being able to work his way through the field, which earned him his nickname for legendary track announcer Denny Grabenbauer. He eventually moved up to a full stock car, and has remained there ever since (although he has dabbled with IMCA northern sportmods, too).

When Dallon came along, he quickly learned everything his father had to show him, both in the shop and on the track. And at the age of 3, he started racing go-karts:

“Well, we kind of threw him a go-cart because he showed interest. However, Dallon was always looking into the crowd and waving so he wasn’t really focused. Until, he practiced in someone’s else cart, and then it was like a switch. He was fast and ever since then that is how it’s been. It takes a little bit to figure out a car and then he’s flying to the finish line for the checkers.”

Dallon says he loves racing, but loves winning races even more. He says the competition makes him a beter racer and to overcome his biggest challenge: staying consistent every lap on the track. He quickly moved up to cage karts and then an outlaw mini-mod (BCS Micro Mod) before joining his father in the stock car ranks.

He says his dad plays a huge role in his development as a racer:

“He plays a huge role in my life and I would not be where I am without him or my mom. I cannot specifically remember a piece of advice from him because he gives me so much, every day.”

After a string of second-place finishes at the IMCA Super Nationals, Damon finally got the big win in 2018 after 17 years of trying. Even after Bristol, he still considers it the happiest moment of his racing career:

Dallon, on the other hand, counts this as his happiest moment (so far):

Together, the Murtys have proven to be an unbeatable combination anywhere they race. They’ve raced at nearly every track in Iowa – and they’ve won a lot of those races. Here are their stats for 2020:


  • 11 wins in 41 starts
  • Iowa IMCA Stock Car Champion
  • 7th in IMCA Northern Region
  • 9th in IMCA National Point Standings


  • 15 wins in 46 starts
  • Marshalltown Speedway Track Champion
  • Benton County Speedway Track Champion
  • 2nd in Iowa IMCA Stock Car State Point Standings
  • 2nd in IMCA Northern Region
  • 3rd in IMCA National Point Standings
  • 2nd in IMCA Junior National Point Standings

After Bristol, nothing has changed with the 2021 plans for either racer. They will continue to run weekly at Stuart International Speedway, Marshalltown Speedway, and at Benton County Speedway, as well as many specials as the schedule will allow.

Damon said he loves racing in the stock car division because of the level of competition, adding:

“There are a lot of great drivers in the stock car class, hence the reason it’s called, ‘The Class to Tough to Tame.’ It doesn’t matter what track you go to, there is usually a hand full of great drivers there.

“Bristol has not changed my plans for this year. I’m still Damon Murty who still goes to the shop every day with Dallon to get things ready for the next race. Wins are made in the shop. Maintenance and hard work are the keys to a successful racing career.”

Dallon added:

“I will continue to work in the shop to find ways to keep me in the front to be successful every time I hit a racetrack [and] win as many races as possible.”

But, eventually, there will be big changes coming for the Murty Racing shop. While Damon has been content to stay in a stock car, Dallon says he plans to move up to an IMCA modified next season with an eye to eventually race a late model full time.

He got a taste of racing a modified last season with a little help from Harris Racing’s Kyle Brown (click HERE for video). He started on the pole for his heat race at BCS and led every lap until he made contact with an infield tractor tire. Starting 27th in the feature, he raced his way back up to 16th at the checkers.

Damon is tickled to see his son continuing to succeed and move forward with his racing career:

“It’s a father’s dream to have your son or child do better than you did. What parent wouldn’t want their child to succeed? Winning used to be my favorite part of racing, but now that I have a family and a son who is quick on the track, I love watching him succeed with my family coming along to all the races.

“My long-term goal is to keep racing as much as possible with my son. Then eventually I will probably retire and be Dallon’s main pit crew guy.”

And no one is more appreciative of the help than Dallon:

“I would just like to thank my mom and dad for allowing me to pursue my dreams, along with all my sponsors who also make it possible. I couldn’t do it without them.”

To follow the Murtys all season long, click HERE to like and follow Murty Racing on Facebook.

(Photos provided by Murty Racing)

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