Recently, the folks at X.CELERATED – promoters of the Karl Kustoms Bristol Dirt Nationals – asked what other asphalt racetracks should be considered for the “Birstol dirt treatment.”

As you might expect, the responses were all over the place. Hawkeye Downs in Cedar Rapids even got a few nods, as did Iowa Speedway in Newton. Personally, I think you go with a historic NASCAR track that needs the shot in the arm, like North Wilkesboro.

Quick ADHD moment … The Save the Speedway has been making some noise lately with rumors that a revitalization effort will soon be underway at the Birthplace of NASCAR. If you check out their Facebook page (click HERE), you’ll even see some pretty exciting concept art.

Moment’s over … Anyway, as the discussion about bringing more national recognition for dirt track racing went on, I threw out another crazy idea. And a few of you out there actually liked it, so I thought I would expand upon it a little bit here.

With the recent USMTS vs. UMP challenge event at Hamilton County Speedway coming on the heels of the Bristol Dirt Nationals, I think a lot of people would love to see a multi-division IMCA vs. USRA series run at several tracks over the course of a season right here in Iowa, which is home to both organizations and also just happens to have the best racing on the planet – as evidenced at Bristol.

I would love to see a five-race series, although we could always make it seven. Here are the five tracks – two IMCA, two USRA, and one neutral site – that I think would be the best:

  • May Race at Hamilton County Speedway (USRA) in Webster City
  • June Race at Benton County Speedway (IMCA) in Vinton
  • July Race at Mason City Motor Speedway (USRA)
  • August Race at Boone Speedway (IMCA)
  • September Race at Adams County Speedway (neutral track) in Corning

If you would like to add a few more tracks, I’d look at Rapid Speedway (USRA) in Rock Rapids, 34 Raceway (IMCA) in West Burlington, and Southern Iowa Speedway (neutral track) in Oskaloosa. But I think a once-a-month approach that avoids the sketchiness of April weather could really work.

Of course, it’s just one wild, crazy idea. If Todd Staley and Brett Root thinks it’s something more than that, I think a lot of dirt track racing fans would be very appreciative. But, that’s just one guy’s opinion.

Meanwhile, I think Barry Braun should reach out to the Meskwaki leadership about building a state-of-the-art “dirt track of the future” facility adjacent to the casino. There’s a lot someone could do there to make a year-round motorsports entertainment venue – midweek dirt-track racing, weekend motocross, winter snowmobile racing – with all the amenities the existing casino, hotel, travel center, and RV park offer.

Just seems like a very win-win situation for everyone involved. But again, that’s just one guy’s crazy idea.

That brings me to an even crazier idea. This year, the Thursdays in Pella group is hosting a night dedicated to motorsports, hosted by one of the local car dealerships. I originally planned to go and set up a table just to support the local racers who put their cars on display.

But then I got to thinking … what if I just invite all the racers who read Iowa Racing News and see who shows up? So, here’s your official invite to come on over and “Party in Pella” on Thursday, June 10, on the downtown square.

It doesn’t matter what you race, just bring it and some hero cards for the kids (there will be a lot of them). Last year, we had some RC guys, some go-karts, a couple modifieds and stock cars, some outlaw mini-mods, and a few drag racers.

So, if you think it’s something you’d like to do, just let me know. In the meantime – and as always – I thank you all for doing what you do, which allows me to do what I do.

(Photo by Joey Perry Arts [via Save the Speedway])

Bob Eschliman is publisher-editor of Iowa Racing News. He’s an award-winning professional journalist with more than 20 years’ experience covering dirt track racing – and more than 40 years’ experience watching fast cars make slide jobs for the win. His email address is For more news and information that “covers the Iowa dirt track scene,” visit


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