NEWTON – Michael Lange is just a guy who started out as a fan, but then became a crew member, only to then become a racer, a car owner, and now a racing series owner/promoter.

He started the Midwest Micro Series in the fall of 2017 with the goal of “bringing fun back into the sport”:

“We have a great group of teams in the area, and wanted to see the class continue to grow here in Iowa.”

This year, the series will have between 12 and 18 regulars on the circuit, which includes the following tracks:

  • Benton County Speedway
  • Brooklyn Raceway
  • English Creek Speedway
  • Independence Motor Speedway
  • Mississippi Thunder Speedway
  • Newton Kart Klub
  • Warren County Speedway

Michael says the best part of racing micro-sprints has been the cost factor:

“The best thing about this class is for around $4-7000, you can get into the sport and be competitive. The teams in our area help each other out when anyone has an issue. We are a family at the track.”

He adds the biggest challenge with starting the series has been setting rules in place that are consistent with the national series while also remaining open enough to help the series – and the division – grow in Iowa:

“We have tried to make sure we don’t exclude anyone, but also align ourselves with same rules as the national series. We been very transparent with the teams about how we want to get there and as a series continue to strive to grow.”

The goal, as it has always been, is to put on the best show possible, and to demonstrate to race track promoters that micro-sprints can be a value to their weekly programs. Long-term, Michael says he hopes the series can become a prominent fixture at racetracks throughout the Midwest.

The series will have a big opportunity to do that later this year with the inaugural Micro Nationals at Mason City Motor Speedway in October:

“I’m really excited for the opportunity to put on a show that’s dedicated just to the micro classes. For the last couple years I’ve been trying to figure out how to make our series bigger and gain more exposure and this is a great chance to do that.”

Michael also wants to thank the fans for their continued interest in watchin the micro-sprints race:

“We have an amazing group of drivers from all age groups, and we can’t wait to get back to the track! See you all in 2021!”

The following is the 2021 Midwest Micro Series schedule:

April 10 – Independence Motor Speedway

April 17 – Warren County Speedway

April 23-24 – Brooklyn Raceway

May 8 – Warren County Speedway

May 9 – Benton County Speedway

May 15 – Brooklyn Raceway

May 21 – English Creek Speedway

May 22 – Warren County Speedway

May 23 – Brooklyn Raceway

May 29 – Independence Motor Speedway

May 30 – Brooklyn Raceway

June 5 – Warren County Speedway

June 11 – Brooklyn Raceway

June 19 – Warren County Speedway

June 26 – Warren County Speedway

July 3 – Brooklyn Raceway

July 4 – Benton County Speedway

July 17 – Warren County Speedway

July 24 – Brooklyn Raceway

July 30 – Warren County Speedway

July 31 – Newton Kart Klub

August 7 – Mississippi Thunder Speedway

August 15 – Benton County Speedway

August 21 – Warren County Speedway

August 28 – Brooklyn Raceway

September 5 – Brooklyn Raceway

September 17-18 – Brooklyn Raceway

October 23 – Micro Nationals at Mason City Motor Speedway

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